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Never pay extra¬†for specialty modalities or upgrades. Your therapist will use any techniques in their toolbox to customize your session to meet your goals. So what is included? Everything! Free Upgrades means that when you arrive, your therapist will ask you what you’d like included during your treatment. It’s on the house! We want you to love every minute of your massage. We want it to be affordable so you can get exactly what you want, every time, and come in as often as you need.

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Therapeutic Massage

You can expect a traditional massage with oils. The purpose is for pain relief or relaxation.

Craniosacral Therapy

Light-touch approach to balance the nervous system.
Very different from traditional massage.

Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle technique designed to improve lymph flow.
Very different from traditional massage.

Graston Technique

Specialized tools are used to help break up adhesions in the fascia and muscles for faster healing.

Pregnancy Massage

Trained therapists provide safe, comfortable, traditional-style massage for expectant mothers.

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