Hot Stones

Heat is a great way to warm up the muscle tissue before deeper work is done or afterwards, to soothe. After oil is applied to the skin, therapists massage the body with the hot stones, gliding them at the appropriate speed so the temperature is perfect. You may feel as though you are melting…

Essential Oils

Essential Oils have many health benefits and a variety of uses. Lavender has a soothing quality. Peppermint is stimulating. Guardian has been regarded as an immune-system boosting blend. Your therapist will offer a Eucalyptus blend in the face rest to reduce sinus discomfort. Choose another oil to be applied during your session. CBD Oil can be applied to sore areas.


Cups are used to increase blood flow. Many people find that a well-placed cup can aid in the break-up of scar tissue and adhesions. Therapists at our clinic may move them, gliding over the oiled skin, lifting the tissue and increasing blood flow, or leave them in a stationary location to soften the tissue before using friction or trigger point therapy.

Hot Towels

Your therapist may apply hot towels on an area of the body to soften tissues before working deeper, or they may apply the hot towels afterwards, for a soothing effect. Hot towels are also a great way to remove excess oils from the body.

Fascia Gun

Tapotement and Vibration strokes are used during a massage to stimulate nerves, muscles and circulation. The number one benefit is reduced muscle soreness. Your therapist can use the Fascia Gun during your session in spots that need extra attention due to adhesions or soreness.


Choose the scalp massage and your therapist will spend time releasing tension in your scalp.
Dry brushing is a technique that stimulates lymph flow, exfoliates the skin, and can reduce stress for people groups that benefit from tactile skin stimulation.

You know the way it goes…

Upgrades transform a good massage into an amazing massage experience! You know how it goes… You book an hour massage and when you arrive, you are asked if you’d like to add anything to your massage.

  • Of course you want to melt with hot stones and hot towels.
    • Of course you want the extra deep tissue or trigger point work on your owies.
      • Of course you want to choose an essential oil to enhance your experience.
        • Of course you want CBD oil added to your trouble spots.
          • Of course you want those last few minutes devoted to a stress-relieving scalp massage.

You walk out of the treatment room to the front desk, nearly floating in bliss, only to slam into the wall of shock as you look at your total price. Of course you don’t want to pay this bill…

At Ogden Massage for Pain Relief, every client pays One Price.

One Price

One price means that you only pay for the time you book. After that, you get what you want! You can choose your Upgrades for that amazing massage experience! You can stop trying to decide which type of massage you can afford, because they all cost the same – no extra charge for Specialty Techniques (Deep Tissue, Sports, Reflexology, Craniosacral, Lymph Drainage, Graston…)

  • Melt with hot stones and towels!
    • Get the deep tissue or trigger point work to relieve tension!
      • Choose an essential oil! soothing lavender, stimulating peppermint or the immune system boosting blend
        • Your therapist can apply CBD oil to your sore areas!
          • You can spend the last few minutes devoted to a stress-relieving scalp massage!

You will walk out of the treatment room to the front desk, nearly floating in bliss, and your bill will be exactly what you expected!