Therapists at Ogden Massage for Pain Relief are trained in different massage modalities that are specifically designed to address and alleviate problem areas.

Massage Modalities - Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Clients seeking targeted work with specific results in mind (e.g. recovering from an injury or surgery, chronic pain, relieving “knots”, improving range of motion) will likely prefer Deep Tissue massage. The biggest difference between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage is the attention given to the specific individual layers of tissue and the application of strokes.

Classic (Swedish) Massage

Clients seeking a “relaxation” or “normal” massage with a more general approach rather than specific issues to address will likely prefer Swedish Massage.  We are a therapeutic-minded clinic and we acknowledge that physical and mental relaxation are essential for healing. This modality includes working with the surficial layers of the muscles, using hands, forearms or elbows, to improve mental and physical health.

Massage Modalities - Classic (Swedish) Massage
Massage Modalities - Sports Massage

Sports Massage

As the name implies, Sports massage is typically applied to athletes or anyone who regularly engages their body in physical activity. Sports massage makes use of the classical massage strokes and stretches, and an advanced understanding of the body to address conditions an athlete or someone with a highly active lifestyle might have.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy can help you achieve your physical/emotional goals and accelerate the progress of other therapies you are using to aid in your healing. This light touch, non-invasive modality can release restrictions to facilitate movement, relieve pain and dysfunction and optimize the function of the Central Nervous System.

Massage Modalities - Craniosacral Therapy
Massage Modalities - Lymphtaic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is typically applied at times when the lymphatic system is being overwhelmed or when the skin is too sensitive for deeper modalities, such as after an injury or surgery, or when you have an infection. Since the lymph system is only skin deep, an MLD therapist will use only enough pressure to invade the skin layer without going any deeper.

16:46 13 Jan 22
Melodee is an amazing healer! Highly recommend!! She ensured that I felt comfortable and really listened to what I needed. She re-centered my chi and gave an amazing massage. Days later, I’m still feeling the benefits of her massage. I’m definitely a repeat client!
Lucinda BirtLucinda Birt
17:33 05 Jan 22
Sammie is awesome! She checked several times throughout my session with me to ensure my needs were being met. She is very professional. Thanks for a great massage 😁
Cody CarlsonCody Carlson
16:19 07 Dec 21
This was such an awesome experience! This was my first massage because I thought it was just something people did for fun. Then my sister recommended I get one to help with my back and neck pain, and wow. My masseuse was so kind and helped answer all my questions and target all my pain. Came out of there feeling like a baby, haha. Definitely going back.
Zak ShepherdZak Shepherd
02:52 27 Oct 21
Great quality. Friendly and My massage therapist did not over talk haha I know that can happen with some people where massage therapist just talk and talk and talk through the whole massage and it wasn't like this at all with my massage therapist that I had. Another bonus was the deep tissue work! That was phenomenal! Can't wait to go back here in the next couple weeks!!
Nu ZoraNu Zora
16:24 19 Oct 21
She had amazing pressure! Usually when I go places, I NEED deep pressure and I leave feeling like they could've done more, but not Sammie. Holy Canoli, that girl can deliver pressure! And she was checking in regularly so I felt comfortable speaking up if I needed her to lighten which wasn't often. She was intuitive and I acquired great relief. Thank you!