Every therapist is highly trained, uses techniques to relieve pain, and has made the commitment to receive regular massages too!

Highly Trained

These amazing therapists are always learning, growing, adding techniques and increasing their skills to help YOU achieve your massage and bodywork goals. It truly sets them above others in their field as they choose excellence, going above and beyond the state requirements by taking classes every year.

Healthy & Happy

Another commitment every therapist has made is to take care of their own bodies by receiving regular massages… at least one every month. When your therapist is feeling good, they can take better care of you! While you are seeing them for regular massages, they are getting regular massages too.


Every therapist at Ogden Massage for Pain Relief has training in Deep Tissue techniques. Click on a therapist below to read their full bio. Learn about which specific styles and techniques they utilize in their massage sessions to find out who might be the best fit for you.