Rick Minnich

“A man may make his plans, but God determines his steps.”

Passions and Influences

Rick has been involved in massage since his college days. After experiencing such life-changing results from receiving regular massage following an accident, he became passionate to help others. Rick started learning massage from his therapist, bought a massage table and started treating his wife at home. She was nearly pain free after her very first session. He was hooked! Massage therapy is Rick’s fourth career. He holds two master’s degrees and a doctorate and has worked as a drug counselor, pastor, hospice chaplain and now massage therapist. He graduated in 2023 from Intermountain Massage Therapy College which specializes in therapeutic massage and prepares students to work in a medical setting including clinics and hospitals. His specialty is Sports and Injury and he recently was invited to the NBA All Star Game to work on the players. His own sports endeavors include cycling, running, hiking and he is always in motion. He plays the guitar and piano and sings. He lives in Ogden with his wife Jill, Son Rob and granddaughter Faith.

Rick Minnich

Licensed Massage Therapist

Rich is known for his passion to see others experience the same pain relief that so drastically changed his life. He can’t help but use what he’s learned to help others. He will use all of his training to tailor a massage to best meet the needs of his client. As a life long learner, he is constantly adding new techniques to his style and is often able to intuit the main cause of people’s pain.


  • Medical Massage
  • Stress Relief
  • Deep Tissue


  • Sports and Injury
  • Craniosacral
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Prenatal
  • Stretching