Two locations to best serve you!

North Ogden Location

The North Ogden location is the main location for Ogden Massage for Pain Relief. Services offered here include Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Medical and Therapeutic Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Prenatal, Graston Technique and more! You can read more about each modality by visiting our services page.

West Haven Location

The West Haven location, located in the Summit Sports Complex, is the newest addition to Ogden Massage for Pain Relief. Services offered here include Sports Massage, Graston Technique, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping, Kinesiology Taping and more. Read more about sports related modalities by visiting our services page.



Melodee Westmoreland
Melodee, with 28 years of experience, utilizes a wide range of techniques to help the mind and body move the same direction.  Balancing the chi during Therapeutic Massage allows blood to move into areas of pain/injury, which releases muscle tension and knots.
Joel Leon
Joel is an amazing therapist that specializes in medical massage, sports massage and deep tissue therapy. Clients love learning his self-care tools to use at home.
Amy Kimball
Amy Kimball has been a massage therapist for over 15 years and specializes in many different techniques. She has helped many people with her skills in craniosacral therapy and deep tissue massage.
Joshua Garrison
Joshua is a local favorite with a unique set of massage techniques that have been proven to help with pain and function. He specializes in Graston Technique, sports massage and deep tissue therapeutic massage.
April Beck
April has a passion for pain relief! She will customize your massage to meet your needs using techniques from Medical Massage, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point Therapy. She is also available for CranioSacral Therapy sessions.
Leah Leon
Leah is the Queen of Relaxation massage! She is nurturing, kind and has a gentle touch. She is a great choice if you want to experience a calming and soothing massage for your busy life.
Tawni Bennett
Tawni offers an amazing variety of modalities for pain relief, including Structural Integration, Neuromuscular and Russian Sports massage. She is able to put the client in control of their overall health with her dedication and instruction during each session.
Sammie Fernandez
Sammie has the perfect collection of techniques to help alleviate pain! Her skill in neuromuscular massage and Swedish massage have been proven to successfully address chronic pain, help increase mobility, and reduce stress.


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